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The PolyTank project will determine the potential failure mechanisms in plastic tanks and storage vessels, and develop ultrasonic NDE procedures, techniques and systems to detect these. An important aim will be to develop an inspection system that is site-rugged and simple to operate.

Welded joints representative of those used to fabricate plastics tanks and vessels will be manufactured containing known flaws. These will be inspected and the NDE data analysed to determine the limits of flaw detection. In parallel, the significance of flaw size and position will be established in relation to service requirements. This will be achieved by long-term mechanical testing of joints containing known flaws, and comparison with results for welds containing no flaws.

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The prototype equipment, designed and built for this project, will be assessed under both laboratory and field conditions, and the inspection procedures developed will be submitted to the European Committee for Standardization as the basis for producing a European standard for plastic tank inspection.

Updated 12/09/2013