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Profile: Acutech is a Greek SME established in 2003 and has eight staff members. It is involved in NDE site inspection services including advanced techniques (e.g. automated phased array testing), equipment and consumables supplies, technical support and equipment supply service for NDE applications, consultancy in NDE, welding engineering and materials technology, training and certification for NDE personnel.

Role in project: Acutech will lead and input into the acceptance of the laboratory validation trials and the field trials (WP-5).

Benefits to the consortium: Acutech will bring to the project its practical experience of inspection/NDE field operations in the energy industry (including storage tank inspection), including using ultrasonic testing techniques currently employed for conventional above ground storage tanks.

Reasons for participation: The Acutech business portfolio includes the inspection of metallic tanks and it sees this project as an opportunity to extend its services to include thermoplastic structures. Acutech is also looking to expand geographically from a mainly Greek base into the larger European marketplace. Thus Acutech expects that the successful completion of the project will offer several opportunities for the further growth of the company and will enable it to further penetrate the storage tank inspection sector at a higher technology level that is anticipated to grow globally at a rate of between 7.5% and 10% per annum.

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