Chem Resist Ltd (Chem Resist)

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UK Project Coordinator

Profile: Chem Resist was established in 1964 and is one of the largest design, manufacturing and installation specialists in corrosion resistant thermoplastics in Europe with 35 staff members. The company also has the world’s largest diameter spiral wound thermoplastics tank manufacturing capability, producing vessels up to 100,000 litres capacity.

Role in the project: Chem Resist is the Project Coordinator in the PolyTank project where its role is to ensure that the needs of all the SMEs are recognised throughout the project. Mr Seamus Quinn, Chairman of Chem Resist, chairs the Project Steering Committee. The company’s other main activities are assisting in the specification of the materials, joint types, and flaw types to be assessed in the project and helping to develop flaw insertion procedures. Alongside this, they are involved in dissemination/exploitation activities.

Benefits to the consortium: Chem Resist is one of the foremost manufacturers of thermoplastic chemical storage tanks in Europe and has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of such tanks. Seamus Quinn was the UK Principal Expert on CEN TC259 and 266 WG2 during the development of the European standards for allowable stress and design of vertical cylindrical thermoplastic tanks.

Reasons for participation: Since Chem Resist manufactures chemical storage tanks, the company is heavily involved in investigations of any failures of their tanks. It therefore sees the development of an NDT system for thermoplastic tanks as an enormous step forward in being able to predict the service life of their products. This should mean that thermoplastic tanks will be employed in more critical applications where metallic tanks, with verified inspection procedures, are currently used, which will, in turn, increase the market for their products.