Hessel Ingenieurtechnik GmbH (Hessel) - Germany.

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Profile: Hessel is an RTD that was established in 1995 and has 10 staff members. Hessel is the foremost test laboratory in Europe for the long-term testing of welded thermoplastic fabrications. Clients include raw material suppliers, processors and end users. Services include failure studies, service life determination, tank and systems design and calculation, and officially approved certification of plastic products.

Role in the project: Hessel will carry out mechanical tests on the welded samples. They will compare the results from welds containing no deliberate flaws with welds containing known flaws in order to determine the critical defect sizes for input into the acceptance criteria. They will also be involved in the dissemination of the results.

Reason for choice as RTD by the SMEs: Since plastics storage tanks are designed to last for up to 25 years, it is important that the critical defect sizes required for the NDT system are determined based on the long-term performance of the joint. Hessel was chosen by the SMEs because it is one of the leading laboratories in the world for long-term testing of welded plastic joints.

Expected derived benefits from project: Hessel will benefit by generating long-term mechanical test data that will improve their knowledge of the long-term behaviour of plastic materials and joint types. This will enhance the company’s reputation through presenting technical papers at conferences, etc. Hessel will also benefit through links with the end user in the project.

Website (English): www.hessel-ingtech.de/en/inhalt.html