Innovative Technology and Science Limited (InnoTecUK)

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Profile:  InnoTecUK is a UK SME that specialises in the automation of inspection systems with experience of design, development and application of robotics and non-invasive sensors for various industries (e.g. food and drinks, oil and gas, electronics, etc). InnoTecUK has expertise in the development of man-machine interface software, equipment control, scanners and bespoke developments, such as inspection techniques for pipelines.

Role in the project: InnoTecUK will be responsible for providing input into the specification, design and manufacture of the prototype inspection manipulator system.

Benefits to consortium: The team at InnoTecUK has extensive expertise in the design and development of inspection manipulator systems and has participated in a number of FP7 projects.

Reason for participation in the project: InnoTecUK’s main inspection activities are for the nuclear power industry. By participating in this project the company is looking to expand into a new industry sector.