Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S. L. (TAB) - Spain.

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Profile: TAB is a start-up, spin-off SME with two staff members founded in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain with the aim to design, develop and promote new measuring and sensing technologies, based on novel, advanced methods of measurements of frequency-time parameters of signals. One of the main objectives of TAB is to reduce the existing gap between research and industry by introducing a new generation of cost-effective smart sensing technologies and to establish a digital measuring technology as a basis for a new technological platform for smart sensor systems integration and promote its advantages as an alternative to common analogue measuring principles. These technologies and electronics components give a unique opportunity to create various digital sensors, multi-sensor systems and robust sensor systems with high metrological performances and wide functionalities including such intelligent functions as self-adaptation and self-identification.

Role in project: TAB will specify and provide new ultrasonic probes for the project, which will be optimised for welded joints in plastic tanks. Mr Sergey Yurish will be the Exploitation Manager for the project.

Benefits to consortium: TAB is a world class manufacturer and designer of universal frequency-to-digital converters and interfacing integrated circuits for any frequency output sensors and transducers (including ultrasonic).

Reasons for participation: TAB recognises the business and technological benefits to be gained by being involved in the PolyTank project, which can lead to specialist industrial NDE applications for ultrasonic inspection technology. The company is therefore keen to further develop its facilities and expertise to be able to provide, market and sell the bespoke ultrasonic probes for inspection of welds in plastic tanks after the completion of the project.