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Profile: Univar was established 1973 and has currently 75 staff members. Univar is one of the largest suppliers of industrial and speciality chemicals in the world with over 7,600 employees and 56 distribution centres in 20 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, supplying to over 50 000 customers in industries such as chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and water treatment.

Role in the project: Univar will provide information on the types of tank materials, joints and wall thicknesses that should be investigated in the project as well as the functional requirements for the NDT system from an operator’s viewpoint. The company’s main activity will be to provide access to suitable chemical storage tanks currently in service, for the field trials on the prototype inspection system.

Benefits to the consortium: Univar is a major operator of thermoplastic chemical storage tanks and is therefore ideally placed to use and promote the results of the PolyTank project to the process industry sector as a whole.

Reasons for participation: Univar operates large numbers of thermoplastic chemical tanks around Europe and therefore has significant interest in the development of a validated inspection system for these structures in order to provide the company with information on their integrity and remaining service life.

Website: www.univar.com